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Genetics May Protect Some from Alcoholism

Scientific evidence has found that there may be a gene present in some people to protect them from alcohol addiction.  However, it seems that those who may have the gene may also have a hard time consuming alcohol at all; which means that this group of people tend to get drunk more easily.  Actually, people who are considered lightweights, in general are less likely to develop a bad relationship with alcohol.  Nevertheless, not all people who get inebriated after two drinks are in the clear from needing alcohol treatment. 

One thing to remember is that alcohol addiction can start at a young age.  The Santa Fe New Mexico news has reported that the state has spent almost $700 million dollars because of the costs associated with underage drinking.  Beginning at a young age, these habits increase the chances of adult alcoholism by a very large percent. 

The scientific research suggests that the gene that protects from alcoholism is present in up to 20% of the population.  It’s been titled CYP2E1 and helps to break down ethanol: the agent in alcohol that leads to the inebriated feeling.  How the brain perceives alcohol is one of the biggest factors that could lead to alcoholism.  A person who cannot consume as much and usually suffers from a hangover or even gets a headache or stomachache after drinking just a couple of alcoholic beverages should count their blessings: their body doesn’t find alcohol very pleasing.  The gene most likely is working to their benefit.  For others, who may not have such a reaction, they may be more likely to develop an addiction problem.  It may require the help of specialists or a stay at an alcohol treatment program at a residential center. 

Vista Taos Alcohol Treatment Center in New Mexico understands how to help people who are struggling with alcoholism.  Whether the gene to deter addiction is present or not, they’re willing and able to provide alcohol treatment to those who need help.  There is no cure for alcoholism, but there is hope.  Let Vista Taos Renewal Center help you or someone you love beat their alcohol addiction.

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