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Former WWE Wrestler Matt Hardy Entering Treatment Center

In the past month, former WWE wrestler Matt Hardy has had many run-ins with law enforcement and more significantly, has been arrested three times. Back in August, Hardy had his first arrest when he crashed his 2009 Corvette into a tree and was cited with a driving while impaired charge. Then just last week, Hardy was charged again with driving while impaired. After that charge, Hardy posted a video online that was a “goodbye message,” which he quickly took down after many people reached out in concern for his well being.

Unfortunately for Hardy, this would not be the end of his legal woes. Moore County sheriff’s deputies arrested Hardy on various drug charges once they searched his residence and found drugs, including anabolic steroids and ecstasy. After his third arrest, he released another video on his YouTube channel in which he announced that he was entering a drug rehab facility to seek help for substance abuse. He explained in the video how he has dealt with serious back and pelvic and spinal injuries that he sustained throughout his wrestling career. Hardy said these painful injuries led him to self-medicate just to get through the days.

Hardy will go into a drug rehab program for three months and he hopes to get drug-free and open up a wrestling school that teaches smarter ways to wrestle and lead a healthy life-style at the same time. Many professional sport players have had problems with getting addicted to pain medications due to injuries received during their sporting career.

But there is a better way of life than self-medicating or abusing prescription drugs. The best way for a person to stop self-medicating is to enter a drug rehab program and get hands-on care and help to lead a drug-free life. For more information on drug rehab and how it can help you or a loved one, please contact Vista Taos Renewal Center today. Vista Taos is located not far from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Located in the village of Taos, it sets the perfect scene for relaxed and superior drug rehabilitation.

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