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Former MADD President Charged with DUI

MADD or Mothers Against Drug Driving is a non-profit organization started in 1985 by Candy Lightner after her 13 year old daughter, Cari was killed by a drunk driver who hit her and then left her body while fleeing the scene. Forty-six year old Clarence Busch was later caught and convicted of his crime. The MADD organization started originally in the area of Dallas, Texas. Chapters around the state and in the bigger cities like Houston and Austin Texas were being sponsored by other moms who had suffered loss due to drunk driving accidents.

Chapters began to sprout up all over the U.S. as moms united to show their disapproval of drunk driving and underage drinking. This organization has been doing very well and reports do show the decrease in teen drinking (their main focus as of late). However, a chapter President of Gainesville, Debra Oberlin has just been arrested for a DUI. She is a former President, the chapter closed due to lack of funding and members wishing to continue with MADD were absorbed into another location. Still, current President or former, this type of incident does reflect poorly on MADD. This also wouldn’t be the first time someone associated with the group was arrested because of alcohol addiction or alcohol-related crime.

As this non-profit organization does their best to educate teens on the dangers of drinking and driving, Vista Taos Rehabilitation Center is doing their best to educate adults and families who live with alcohol addiction. The start to sobriety is only a phone call away: 1-877-772-2616.

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