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Former Denver Sheriff Involved in Meth and Prostitution Case

A retired Denver sheriff who was awarded the 2001 Sheriff of the Year Award hasn’t been out of the legal limelight since his retirement. Former sheriff Patrick Sullivan became involved with the law again after a 10-year hiatus; only this time, he was on the wrong side of the badge.

Sullivan, 69, was arrested for methamphetamine use, distribution, and solicitation of prostitution in exchange for the drug. The former lawman pleaded guilty to the charges after being presented with video evidence that depicted Sullivan distributing meth to men in exchange for sex.

The former Arapahoe County sheriff (1984 to 2002) seems to have fallen far from his glory days as the2001 Sheriff of the Year and 1995 appointee to the National Commission of Crime Prevention and Control. The highly acclaimed sheriff even had a Colorado jail named in his honor, which in an ironic twist, is where he will serve his 38 day sentence. 

Sullivan was hopeful that he may serve his time, seek forgiveness and move his life forward in a positive direction, according to his statement to the court at sentencing. This apology and these realizations may be the first step Sullivan needs to take to overcome his meth addiction, and his court-appointed substance abuse treatment will be the next crucial step to his meth addiction recovery.

As Sullivan moves forward, he will attend a substance abuse treatment center like Visa Taos Renewal Center, where he can focus on recovering from his meth addiction. Soon, the lawman may be moving forward in a positive direction, just as he hoped, with the assistance of a meth addiction recovery center.

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