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Former Dallas Texas Offender Brings Hope to Others

When many people first hear Kayla Proffitt’s story, the horror often eclipses the silver lining. Proffitt’s mistakes in her youth, though, can now help others today.

Proffitt was 20 years old when she committed vehicular manslaughter. She killed a 13-year old girl and harmed eight other people while she was driving drunk.

The incident occurred on February 17, 2005, on Texas Highway 183 near Dallas. Proffitt was driving the wrong way at 3:30 a.m., and she struck an approaching hotel van on its way to the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, causing the injuries and the death.

The tragedy may have deterred some from reform, but Proffitt was not deterred. After serving her time in prison and attending rehab at an alcohol rehabilitation center, Proffitt, now 27, began to speak out against drunk driving. She shares her story now in hopes that she can inspire others to drink responsibly, to hire a cab, or to designate a non-drinking driver.    

In her own words, Proffitt said, “It’s now my passion to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.” The young woman now volunteers her speaking services to the DWI Task Force.

Proffitt’s recovery and newfound commitment to helping others avoid future tragedies is in part due to her rehab at an alcohol rehabilitation center. Like Vista Taos, the alcohol rehabilitation center that Proffitt took part in most likely focused on multiple aspects of alcoholism, including the underlying reasons for the addiction.  

Thankfully, Proffitt was able to reform her addictive behavior and take back control of her life. If you or a family member are also in need of reform, contact an alcohol rehabilitation center like Vista Taos Treatment Clinic in New Mexico, where caring staff can help guide you to recovery.

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