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Finding Safe Spaces

Finding Safe Spaces

Recovering from our addictions and mental and emotional health issues can be some of the hardest work we’ll ever do in our lives. Healing and coming to terms with our trauma, fears and pain can be daunting and scary, and sometimes our fear can make us avoid the recovery process altogether. We delay getting help. We resist treatment. It is so important for our recovery to find spaces where we feel safe.

Community is not always easy to find. Culturally we tend to live separately, in our own private units, rather than communally. We strive for personal and financial independence. Our motivation is often for personal success, status and wealth. Our self-determination can cause us to believe we are separate from other people. Our addictions and mental health challenges can make us isolate ourselves. All of these elements make finding community all the more necessary.

When we are struggling, connection with other people can be our lifeline. Receiving emotional support can mean the difference between suffering alone in silence and getting the help we need. Having someone who understands our pain can help us to make peace with it. Compassion and empathy from other people can help us to forgive ourselves and release years of pent-up shame. Being with other people struggling with similar challenges can remind us that we are not alone. Knowing there are other people experiencing the same things can help us to have hope. Seeing people thriving in recovery can prove to us that we too can recover.

Feeling a sense of emotional safety is something we don’t always experience in our homes and communities. We may have been mentally or emotionally abused. We may have felt judged, criticized, shunned, abandoned or betrayed by the people in our lives. We may feel ostracized and demonized by our culture as a whole. We can feel like outcasts.

Finding safe spaces means finding the people and communities who accept you for who you are, who recognize your worth and who appreciate you. There are people who will embrace you with all of your challenges and lift you up, rather than making you feel worse about yourself. They will love you for who you are, including all of your flaws, not despite them. It is with these people and in these spaces that we can feel safe enough to really open up, to confide in others, and to allow ourselves to be honest and vulnerable. When we find these spaces, we are being given a powerful tool for healing that can be one of the most important elements of our recovery.

Vista Taos is a safe space, and we are here to offer you our support. Call (575) 586-5078.

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