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Father Gets DWI with Infant in Vehicle

When the safety of his baby was at stake, one Oklahoma City man didn’t hesitate to drive while under the influence of alcohol. The man, 25-year old Ramiro Patino, was pulled over at 11 a.m. on Friday, February 17 in the 8100 block of SW 44. He was caught with a partially-drank six pack of beer.

Police received a call from a concerned citizen, who cited that Patino was spotted drinking a beer while driving with an infant in the back seat. Patino was reportedly swerving at the time.

When arrested, Patino shared with the officer that he did not have a license. He was taken to jail, where he called his sister to pick up the baby girl.

It is not clear if Patino was legally drunk at the time of arrest, but it does appear that the man was in fact drinking while driving and putting his daughter at risk.

These signs of alcohol abuse point to a potential alcohol addiction. Patino’s inability to put the safety of his daughter, himself and other drivers in front of his need for alcohol may be a huge indication of alcohol addiction. In addition, other factors may point to addiction.

In general, alcohol addiction is classified as: being unable to control the urge to drink or an inability to control drinking; an inability to stop or refrain from drinking; spending huge amounts of focus and energy on alcohol; and losing interest in other social activities.

Although not a lot is known about Patino’s extenuating circumstances, he could very well suffer from alcohol addiction. However, there is hope: rehabilitation centers like Vista Taos could help him—or anyone else who suffers from alcohol addiction – overcome alcoholism. For more information about Oklahoma alcohol treatment and inpatient treatment programs, please contact Vista Taos in New Mexico to learn about the many paths you can take to sobriety.

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