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Experiencing Taos as a Spiritual Center

Addiction is a complex disease that affects every aspect of people’s lives. While the medical and scientific communities agree that it’s a brain disorder, there is a common misconception that people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol are weak or morally flawed. Overcoming this stigma is essential to seeking the help you need, and your spirituality can be integral to that process.

Though it’s easy to understand how drug and alcohol abuse has long-term physical, emotional and psychological ramifications, the spiritual side is more difficult to define – especially for people who are not religious. Why does spirituality play such a fundamental part in addiction recovery?

The Role of Spirituality in Recovery

Addiction will eventually strip you of everything that is important to you, including your spirituality, which will leave you feeling hopeless, powerless or hollow. Embracing your spiritual side can be your catalyst to rediscovering your positivity and sense of purpose as you move through your recovery journey.

Although many people choose to express their spirituality through religion, others prefer to connect with their spiritual side through more holistic methods such as meditation, yoga or tai chi. Regardless of how you express your spirituality, your goal should be to discover a renewed sense of purpose in your life as you heal from your drug or alcohol addiction.

Discover Your Spirituality in Taos

The northern New Mexico town of Taos has been a spiritual center for generations. The rich cultural history of the Taos Pueblo tribe, which built and still maintains one of the oldest continually inhabited communities in the U.S., includes a complex religion that mixes Catholicism with indigenous spiritual ceremonies. Today, the interplay of cultures that have characterized this area for centuries has led to many other religious traditions coexisting peacefully in the Taos area as well, including Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufism.

Spending time in nature can also be a powerful way to connect with your spirituality. Science has proven the many physical and mental health benefits of spending time outdoors, from lowering your blood pressure to reducing inflammation to helping people deal with stress in a healthier way. Fortunately, Taos offers abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation, including biking, hiking, kayaking and skiing.

A Taos Recovery Experience

At Vista Taos, we believe our location is an integral part of our success as a New Mexico drug and alcohol treatment center. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos is known as the “Soul of the Southwest.” The dramatic desert landscape and unique quality of the light in northern New Mexico have inspired many artists to express their imaginations.

At our nationally accredited treatment facility, we encourage our guests to participate in a variety of enriching activities that assist in their healing and give them opportunities to experience a multifaceted recovery journey. Contact us today to begin your journey of healing in a spiritual location.

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