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Exciting Sober Autumn Events in Taos

The beautiful mountain community of Taos has no shortage of activities to enjoy all year long, whether you choose to explore the great outdoors by hiking, or if you want to participate in the rich tradition of Taos as a center for the arts. As you look for new ways to stay busy in your sobriety, consider adding these upcoming events to your calendar.

What to Look Forward to in October and November

  • Guided Meditation to Live Music – Join Patrick Shendo, an indigenous American from the Pueblo tribe, as he creates a unique, deeply spiritual meditation experience using ancient instruments.
  • Yoga Sanctuary – The soothing flow of hatha yoga is excellent for re-establishing your mind-body-breath connection. This 90-minute class is excellent for anyone working through anxiety or trauma-related issues. The class concludes with a 20-minute guided meditation.
  • Adult Aerial Classes – If you’re looking for a physical activity that will leave you breathless in more ways than one, explore the world of aerial fitness. Aerial classes challenge your boundaries and introduce you to new ways to move.
  • Taos Tribal Fusion Belly Dance – The tradition of belly dancing, which began in Egypt as a form of worship, provides an excellent core workout and boosts self-confidence. Shed your inhibitions and learn something new.
  • Workshop: Beating the Beast of Block – If you are struggling in your creative pursuits, this enlightening talk from illustrator and mental health support worker Winter Ross can help you move past mental blocks that might be holding you back.
  • Knitting and Crochet Circle – All levels of crafting experience are welcome at this free two-hour experience. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of making something with your hands.
  • Taos First Friday – Celebrate the first Friday in November with after-hours shopping, music and art exhibits. This cultural event showcases some of the best Taos has to offer.
  • Taos Chamber Music Presents Play It Forward – A talented quartet of musicians playing the flute, violin, cello and clarinet will perform modern pieces that address the concepts of memory and nostalgia.
  • Improv Medicine – Improvisation makes you more spontaneous by encouraging you to think on your feet. If you are interested in building your self-confidence in a new way, this class will help you, whether you’re a performer, public speaker or anyone who wants to discover a new form of stress relief.

Embrace Change at Vista Taos

Fall represents a time of change in the weather, as well as in our surroundings. The days get shorter, and the trees show a riot of bright colors before losing their leaves for the winter. Use the shift of seasons as inspiration to re-commit to your sobriety goals. You can benefit by improving your frame of mind and reflecting on all the things you have already learned and achieved by breaking free of substance abuse.

At Vista Taos, we equip you with the tools you need to make a fresh start in life. If you’re ready to discover who you can become without drugs and alcohol holding you back, contact our accredited New Mexico facility today.

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