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ER Doctors Still Uneducated about Synthetic Drug Craze

Teens have latched onto a new drug craze, synthetic pot, and the new drug can leave emergency room doctors confused. ER docs have not caught up to the new drug use and the bodily effects, which makes it much more difficult for doctors to provide a diagnosis and effective treatment in the case of an adverse drug reaction.

The new drug is called K2 or Spice, and it is made synthetically to produce effects that mimic those of marijuana. Unfortunately, the production is not regulated, and many unknown chemicals can be mixed to make up the K2 cocktail. With so many different chemical components mixed in, the drug can cause any number of ill effects, including aggressiveness, restlessness, agitation, confusion, sweating, unresponsiveness and difficulties communicating, and it can even cause a catatonic state.

Doctors and researchers are unable to estimate how many teens have used K2 or how many have suffered drug reactions because the effects of the drug can vary from case to case. This variation is mostly due to the high numbers of different recipes for the drug; each set of drugs could contain different chemicals, herbs and plants.

Parents of teens are encouraged to open a dialogue about the new drug. Should parents be concerned that their teen is using K2, they should contact a drug rehabilitation treatment center like Vista Taos. Employees at the treatment center can help guide parents to the necessary resources. Treatment centers are also always available to anyone who suffers from addiction to K2 or any other drug. Contact your local treatment center for more details. Those in the New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas or Colorado area are very close to a superb treatment facility. Vista Taos Treatment Center in New Mexico is staffed with an experienced and highly-educated team of people working together to help addicts face their demons.

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