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Equine Therapy: The healing power of the human-horse bond

If you’re wondering how a horse can help you on your journey to addiction recovery, you aren’t alone. Many people find the concept of equine therapy–in which you work with horses as part of your treatment plan–a little strange at first. More and more drug and alcohol treatment centers are offering equine therapy as part of a comprehensive, holistic rehab program, and their clients are quickly discovering the remarkable benefits of working with horses.

Benefits of Equine Therapy:

  • One of the greatest benefits of equine therapy is that you have the opportunity to work closely with a creature who is not judging you. Your horse does not care about your past, only about how you act in the present.
  • Taking care of a horse helps you to relearn the importance of responsibility.
  • Interacting with your animal is like looking into a mirror–your horse will react immediately and honestly to your behaviors and emotions, teaching you about yourself and how your actions and state of mind affect others.
  • Riding and caring for a horse is a positive and soothing activity that can take the place of your former negative activity of drug use.

If you think equine therapy sounds like something that can help you, look for drug and alcohol treatment centers that offer complementary therapies in addition to more traditional addiction treatments.

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