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Energy Practices for Overwhelm

Energy Practices for Overwhelm

Often when we find ourselves presented with challenging situations, we tend to respond in fearful ways, in the forms of worry, doubt, anxiety and panic. We focus our thoughts on these feelings, and we allow them to consume us. We can use energy practices to help calm our fears.

One practice to try is actively focusing on a feeling of calmness whenever we feel confused, lost, overwhelmed or distressed. Recall a time when you felt calm and at peace. How did that feel? You probably didn’t feel that knot in your stomach or the nervous shaking. Most likely your body felt comfortable and relaxed. When we are anxious and panicking, it can feel difficult, even impossible, to take deep breaths, but in that calm moment, your breathing probably felt easy and natural. Your mind probably felt clear and still, as opposed to the confusion and turmoil we feel when we’re overwhelmed. Your heart rate probably wasn’t rapid or causing you alarm.

Try to summon these feelings of stillness, peace, clarity and calm. Try to visualize and feel your mind and body being at ease, in this moment, as you continue to breathe. When the painful thoughts come back, return to your visualization. When we apply our focus and energy to our visualizations, we can feel them as though they are actually happening. With this calming exercise, recalling and visualizing times when we felt at peace helps us to recreate that same feeling. The more we can stay in that feeling and consistently return to it, the more peace and calm we will feel in our daily lives.

We have the ability to calm ourselves down, even in heightened moments of distress, even when we are in crisis. We have developed limiting beliefs that we are powerless over our minds, that we are weak, and that we have to live with these painful thoughts every time we are stressed, depressed, overwhelmed or experiencing a crisis. We can start to tell ourselves new truths and to develop new beliefs by writing and repeating affirmations such as “I am strong. I am powerful. I am calm. I am at peace.” Try these or any others that resonate with you and that make you feel calm, centered, grounded, capable and strong. Give them your energy, meditate on them, and allow them to become a healing energy practice that helps you through difficult times.

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