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EAPs Take a Stand against Alcohol Addiction

A large number of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) want to see screening and interventions take place in the near future to handle cases of alcohol addiction in the workplace. All of this is expected to be routine by fall of 2011.  According to the BIG Initiative (Brief Intervention Group), they have set the bar high– having the number of people acknowledged by EAPs as having a bad relationship with alcohol by 100% within the past 3 years.  It is a serious concern and it does cost businesses in the United States a lot of money when they have employees who suffer from alcohol addiction due to absenteeism, work place injuries and so on.

Based on outside studies, and published in the BIG’s manual: 66% of people who need alcohol therapy work full time.  Part-time is 16%.  These numbers persuaded the BIG to make the decision that since most alcoholics are employed–work may be the best place to identify them and offer assistance/intervene.  Currently, 75% of businesses registered in the United States have alcohol therapy or drug rehabilitation assistance for their workers.  How much of a difference can alcohol intervention in the workplace make?  According to one study: over $1000.00 per employee per month.  That’s because after alcohol therapy, productivity rises and there is much less absenteeism because of the alcoholism. 

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