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Drugs Entering from Mexican Border by Catapult

In a war to keep the Mexican border secure from drug trafficking into states like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, a new way was recently seen to transport illegal substances across the border to hands of addicts.  A catapult was discovered on the Mexican side of the border leading into Arizona.  Border Patrol agents in Naco, Arizona saw several people using the catapult to heave what appeared to be marijuana to the other side.  The drug smugglers fled the scene, leaving a few vehicles and about 45 pounds of cannabis next to the catapult at the scene.

It seems no matter what border patrol agents and the DEA do to deter drug smuggling from Mexico, there are new ways thought of to get these drugs over the border.  Drug abuse will always be a problem, especially in southern states like Texas, that share the border with a country that exports tons of various illegal substances.  It’s never too late to seek the assistance of a drug abuse treatment center.  Vista Taos Drug Rehab Facility is located in a peaceful location in Taos, New Mexico; a place to begin focusing on oneself and recovery.  It is the perfect treatment facility for people from neighboring states such as Texas and Oklahoma.  For those who want sobriety and a place to get away while they work on their recovery, Vista Taos is just that place.

The war on drugs will continue as new methods of drug trafficking appear, but you can live in a world where drugs do not exist to you.  Remove yourself from the influences that keep you addicted.  Find sobriety through a drug abuse treatment center and learn to live without addiction’s tight hold.

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