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Drug Test Manipulation

There are uncountable ways to break the law, some more common than others. Some criminals are given a second chance to follow the law, usually by being put on parole or probation and following certain rules. Many of these individuals are in trouble due to drug violations. Regardless the circumstances of their release, what type of addiction therapy they may be receiving, whether or not they have attended a renewal center, or their mental state upon release, all of these drug violators will be required to submit for regular drug and alcohol screening tests to ensure that they are maintaining their post-release requirements.

Unfortunately, for many prior violators, the time spent in jail and being given a second chance at a clean life is not enough motivation to remain sober, or to follow the law. Even though many of these people are offered various tools in order to remain sober, such as entrance at a renewal center, addiction therapy and counseling, sober partners, etc., for many the temptation and ease of returning to their prior lifestyle is far too great. This leads these individuals to search for alternative options to passing these mandatory drug and alcohol screenings.

Many of these options are easily obtainable, as simple as going to a local store and purchasing a product made to cover up certain chemicals found in urine after a person has abused drugs. Of course, the optimal way to pass a drug and alcohol screening is obviously by completely abstaining from drugs and alcohol, as is mandated by the terms of release. Some of the products that are more commonly used, like Urinaid, THC Free, Mary Jane Super Clean, TestKlear, Stealth, and Instant Clean, are consumed by mouth and mask the THC in the urine within several hours, allowing a certain window of time within which the individual must take the test. Some drug testing centers require that the person check in, then wait for a few hours before taking the test to eliminate the possibility of an unnatural urine mask. This is assuming that the mask the person uses would even work; many products on the market today are unsuccessful at completely covering the presence of drugs within the urine, giving the person a false sense of confidence going into the test.

Excessive water consumption can assist in flushing the toxins out of the body in a quicker manner, allowing the kidneys to function at a faster rate. Many make the mistake of overpowering the body with water without enough time for the kidneys to clear the system out, resulting in diluted urine, which will raise red flags with the service administering the test. Generally in this case, the person is asked to resubmit a urine sample.
Other, more natural ways of detoxifying the body of drugs can take place within a renewal center , rehab facility or with the aid of addiction therapy. Vista Taos Renewal Center, located north ofAlbuquerque, New Mexico, offers holistic ways to assist in the detoxification process. Some methods Vista Taos offers are massage therapy, acupuncture, and exercise therapy programs. Combined with a healthy, well-rounded diet, appropriate vitamins, and abstaining from drug and alcohol consumption, these are effective measures for clearing the system of harmful toxins.

Some individuals choose to turn to unlawful ways of passing drug and alcohol screenings. In one recent case, Ronald Lopez, a former employee of Relevancy, Inc. drug testing company, chose to assist multiple criminal defendants by manipulating their urine tests that were required for continued parole. Lopez was arrested in July 2010, indicted on two counts of permitting criminal defendants to bring in substitute samples instead of providing their own urine samples for the drug and alcohol tests, as is required by law. Because of his actions, Lopez prevented the U.S. Probation Department from reporting a possible violation of supervision to the federal court, possibly putting others at risk and allowing the criminal defendants to continue to violate the law, and the terms of their parole. Due to this huge misstep, Lopez now finds himself a criminal. He faces up to twenty years in prison, as well as three years of supervised release and a possible fine of $250,000. While the reasons for his decision to aid these criminal defendants by tampering with legal evidence and procedure are unclear, the consequences will be with him for a lifetime.

The only true way to effectively rid the body of drug toxins is to completely abstain from use. Seeing addiction therapy can assist in this effort by providing the support that is absent for so many people attempting to detoxify themselves. Another, incredibly effective method is to enter treatment at a renewal center. Having access to staff trained to assist people with drug problems and provide effective treatment that will last in the long-term sense is an incredibly healthy way to combat drug addiction. Contact Vista Taos Renewal Center near Santa Fe, New Mexico to learn about the different programs available to treat substance addiction.

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