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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Texas

The SAMHSA, Office of Applied Studies released a national survey map showing drug and alcohol abuse numbers in Texas.  According to the 2006-2007 (most current) survey posted, Texas is reporting that 5.2% – 6.99% of persons aged 12 and older have used illicit drugs within the recent months of the survey.  For binge alcohol drinking, Texas ranks higher at 22.8% – 24.3%.  Because of the recent recession, many Texans are still facing unemployment.  General studies show that alcohol and drug use will increase in times of struggle.  With financial stability being an issue, many find it difficult to enter drug and alcohol treatment centers to receive help.  The cost and lack of payment plans available often drive those who need help away and back into their world of addiction.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers should be willing to work with patients who need help.  Money should be something that can be discussed and comfortable payment arrangements should be a possibility.  It’s important that people know they have options for entering addiction therapy.  Options are the path recovery. 

Where Can You Go?

If you live in Texas, you’re in close proximity to one of the best drug treatment centers, just a short distance away in Taos, New Mexico.  Vista Taos Renewal Center is a short plane ride from the Dallas area, located about 85 miles north of Santa Fe.  Vista Taos uses a variety of educational, therapeutic techniques and holistic approaches to help patients begin their recovery. Patients will receive exceptional service and compassion, as well as a meaningful treatment experience.  Drug and alcohol treatment centers like Vista Taos are helping patients move beyond their addiction and begin a new life.

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