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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug abuse and addiction is sometimes viewed as a weakness.  Some believe that people who overuse drugs should be able to stop. What they often misunderstand is the complexity of addiction, and how drug rehabilitation is a multi-faceted process that requires a drug treatment center.

What is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is the chronic and often relapsing abuse of substances or behaviors, in this case drugs, often resulting in harmful consequences both to the addicted individual and those around him or her. Drug abuse leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain that can affect your self control and ability to make sound decisions.

Drug abuse and addiction costs are estimated to exceed half a trillion dollars annually. This figure includes health and crime-related costs, as well as losses in productivity. These figures do not reflect the toll that drug addiction takes on the person nor their family. Loss of employment, failure in school, loss of friends, ignoring family…these are just a few of the issues that often occur in a drug addict’s life.


Do I Need a “Drug Rehab Center?”

“Rehab” is not a dirty word. Effective drug treatment is the key to successfully regaining control, and freedom, in your life.

Left untreated, drug addictions will consume your life, leaving you without resources to care for yourself or loved ones. Your focus becomes the addiction, bankrupting any capability you had to lead a healthy, fulfilled life. Drug abuse is debilitating, and is linked to over half the major crimes committed in this country.

Seeking Help

Research has sadly shown that nearly two-thirds of people in drug treatment centers report physical or sexual abuse as children. As with treating other addictions, drug rehabilitation requires a multidimensional treatment strategy. It is important to recognize the underlying issues that cause drug addiction, bring them forward, and establish an appropriate and effective treatment plan.

That is where Vista Taos excels. We know that you are more than your addiction and that you as a whole person deserve attention. We help you go beyond the limitations of that addiction into the possibility for mental, physical and spiritual enrichment.

Our drug treatment programs are designed to effectively address all the issues that have overtaken your life. Through our proven treatment strategy of group therapy, 12-step based programs, and family treatment, we put you on the path to recovery.

Your Vista Taos experience will be one steeped in respect for you as an individual. Your treatment program will be designed for you, giving you the best opportunity at health and spiritual well-being.

We want to learn more about you, and how we may help you begin your healing journey. Contact Us today.

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