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Drug Addiction Among the Military

Being in the military in times like these are no doubt stressful.  Soldiers miss their families, friends and are constantly under pressure to protect their country.  Drug addiction in the military is frighteningly high, especially among members of the Air Force and Navy (according to the latest polls).  There are several reasons that members of our military are abusing drugs.  One is the pressure to remain awake during long shifts.  They turn to amphetamines like cocaine or pills that will keep them alert.  The crash after the drug wears off leaves them vulnerable for recurring use.  The men and women who serve in the military need special assistance with drug addiction.

Besides stimulant drugs, there is a growing pill addiction problem in the military.  Servicemen and women are taking them because of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Not knowing where to go for help and feeling depressed and lost, they self-medicate because they feel they have no other option and it is a quick and easy method to temporarily get rid of their pain and anguish.  What they need is expert drug addiction assistance combined with therapy to help them deal with the PTSS.

We can only assume some of the horrors that people in the military endure during the length of their service.  Proper treatment for them after they complete their career with the armed forces is essential to treat not only drug addiction, but the post-traumatic stress and the anxiety of simply returning to their daily lives.  Vista Taos Renewal Center for drug addiction is located in beautiful, serene Taos, New Mexico.  Directly north of Santa Fe, the clinical staff can assist in developing a treatment program for those dealing with drug addiction and anxiety issues.  There usually is more than just a drug addiction to treat, and Vista Taos Renewal Center believes in addressing with all of the issues, surrounding the addiction.  If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction and stress from experiences in the military, get them the help they need at Vista Taos Renewal Center. 

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