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Drug Abusers Have Trouble with Cognitive Skills

The University of Granada, Spain has released a study from scientists that show the relation between drug abusers and basic emotions and mental abilities. Evidence is showing that those who use drugs have a difficult time identifying negative emotions based on facial expression. Negative emotions noted were: fear, sadness, disgust and anger. Further studies indicated that drug abusers have a hard time with decision making. Memory, reasoning and work-ethic were also affected in the group that looked at both cannabis and cocaine. Cocaine, unlike marijuana showed a considerable link to modifications in inhibition.

Those who were studied were consuming the following drugs: cocaine, heroin, marijuana, MDMA, alcohol and methamphetamine. There were 163 drug users in the study compared to 67 non users of the same educational background and demographic. According to the study, 70% of the drug users (not in any type of drug rehabilitation at the time) showed deterioration in the neuropsychological realm regardless of their drug of choice. The areas affected the most by substance abuse of any kind were multi-tasking, fluency and flexibility.  The leading scientist of this research hopes the data will be taken seriously in consideration of developing adequate drug rehabilitation programs to best treat the illness of abuse.

For drug users that experience the decreased ability to handle mental tasks, know that with therapy, like that offered at Vista Taos Drug Rehabilitation Center in Taos, New Mexico (just north of Santa Fe) that focus and other mental skills can return in time. Much of what is done during a drug addict’s period of abuse can be reversed with time and expert treatment. If you or a loved one need the help of an inpatient rehabilitation program, please contact the compassionate and capable staff at Vista Taos Renewal Center.

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