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Doctors Can’t Always Be Addiction Experts

Doctors have possibly been prescribing the wrong medicines for the wrong conditions, including drug and alcohol abuse. Those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse from general psychiatrists rather than specialists in rehabilitation centers like Vista Taos have often been prescribed antipsychotic drugs.

These antipsychotics have been used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with satisfactory results. However, when the drugs containing risperidone (which include the brand names Risperdal, Abilify, Zyprexa and Seroquel) are prescribed for drug and alcohol abuse, they do not effectively treat the patients.

In fact, the side effects of risperidone-based drugs include stroke, tremors, weight gain and fatigue. When the drug is not effectively treating drug and alcohol abuse and is producing unwanted side effects, it is a wonder that psychiatrists would prescribe it to those whom it does not benefit.

Unfortunately, psychiatrists may just be grasping at straws when they prescribe these antipsychotic drugs to addicts. Those unfamiliar with drug and alcohol abuse treatment can sometimes prescribe medications as a trial and error, which can prove to be very difficult for addicts hoping to recover.

Rehabilitation centers like Vista Taos of New Mexico, however, are well-versed in drug and alcohol abuse treatments that work well. At Vista Taos Renewal Clinic, for example, the rehabilitation center focuses on treating the whole person, including any underlying issues. Treatments include individualized counseling, family counseling and after care services. 

When weighing your options in alcohol and drug abuse treatment, you may wish to consider rehabilitation centers over general psychiatric help. Those trained to treat drug and alcohol addictions can often better treat your addictions.

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