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Dangers of Percocet Addiction

Prescription pain pill addiction is on the rise in America. One medication in particular, Percocet, has a higher, as well as more traceable, addiction rate than most other pain medications. Because manufacturers are able to keep track of the production, transfer, and sale of Percocet, professionals are able to keep statistics and find more detailed information about its use, as well as its abuse. Percocet addiction is extremely dangerous, yet extremely common.

Percocet, a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone, is listed as a schedule 2 narcotic by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) because of its incredibly high potential for abuse. While many users begin taking Percocet under the care of a doctor, it is very likely to cause dependence and a higher need for the medication after as little as one week of consistent use.

Several factors increase the likelihood of a Percocet addiction. Although a person may take the medication as prescribed by their physician, over time, Percocet may begin to lose its effectiveness, requiring more medication to reach the same pain-relieving effects it once did. Because it is prescribed to relieve significant, severe pain, a person may feel a desperate need to take the medication to relieve their symptoms. Percocet is unique in that its use is very tightly controlled by the DEA, requiring a new script every time it is to be filled, necessitating consistent contact with a doctor. Because of the loss of its initial effects, a person may seek outside sources to acquire the medication, looking so far as the internet, or even to those who may have access to the drug illegally. Big southern cities, like Houston and Dallas, Texas can easily obtain this and other drugs because of easy access to drug runners from the Mexican border.

While Percocet addiction may be the initial problem that some face, difficulty in obtaining the medication may lead a person to other types of less potent narcotics in order to receive a similar euphoric, content feeling, and to combat the symptoms of Percocet withdrawal. This could potentially lead to overdose after using a medication that one is unfamiliar with, in an attempt to reach the same level of high they received from Percocet.

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