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Dallas Police Made 31 DWI Arrests Over New Years’ Weekend

The New Years’ weekend was busy for police departments across the country. As each precinct focused on keeping drivers who were under the influence off the roads, they made many arrests.

In Dallas on New Years’ weekend, 31 people were arrested for driving under the influence. This number is lower than last year’s 34 arrests, and perhaps this year’s “no refusal” initiative influenced drivers to celebrate more responsibly. 

From Dec. 30, 2011 to Jan. 2, 2012, the Dallas Police Department enforced the “no refusal” initiative. This acting law states that any driver who refuses to take an alcohol breath test will be subject to the warrant process, wherein the arresting police officer obtains a warrant to draw the driver’s blood.

This process expedited the standard arrest protocol. During normal daily law in Dallas, drivers are able to refuse a breath test upon arrest and wait until they arrive at the station to have their blood drawn. In many cases, the extra time spent booking the citizen could allow him or her to become sober enough to pass the blood test with a legal blood alcohol content.

 Dallas and San Antonio both adopted the “no refusal” initiative over the weekend, and the Dallas P.D. was able to make six arrests over the weekend due to the initiative: six persons refused the breath tests; warrants and tests were issued; and the offending citizens were arrested.

After the successes seen during the initiative period, speculation abounds that the initiative will be adopted as daily law in parts of Texas.  

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