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CVS In Hot Water for Pseudoephedrine Sales

CVS: The nation’s largest retail drug store has been fined 77.6 million dollars in November for unlawfully selling pseudoephedrine to criminals who had the intention of using the drugs to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine (meth).  This was announced by the U.S Attorney’s office on October 14th, 2010.  This problem was traced back to the L.A area but also in Nevada, where CVS locations were selling entire shelves of pseudoephedrine.   People in need of the drug for medical reasons were turned away empty-handed. 

CVS noticed a skyrocket in sales of pseudoephedrine in 2007.  Mexico had banned the sale of the drug, commonly used to treat sinus problems over the counter because of the meth problem.  Meth makers were making their way into the southern states and buying up whatever they could and CVS failed to properly regulate the sales. 

No doubt CVS is changing their sale laws and complying with the federal purchase standards that were put in place for good reason, but this shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place.  Vista Taos Renewal Center located in Taos, New Mexico is more than aware of the methamphetamine issue, due to the number of patients they treat for it.  This New Mexico treatment center is located just 80 miles north of Santa Fe and since Vista Taos is relatively small in size, they have the ability to offer patients very individualized treatment that not all residential centers have the luxury of providing due to their larger size.

CVS may start keeping tighter records of their pseudoephedrine sales, but meth manufacturers will continue to find ways to keep the drug on the streets.  If you need to speak with a counselor about your addiction to methamphetamine or any other addiction, Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico is ready for your call at: 1.800.245.8267.

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