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Cowboy Player Cited in Dallas Texas for Public Intoxication

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys may lose respect for one of the players, Bryan McCann, after he was cited and arrested for public intoxication while in Dallas, Texas. While this is McCann’s first arrest, the nature of the charges stem worries on whether alcohol rehab is the next step for this football star.

McCann was arrested in the early hours of Saturday, March 19th among reports that he had become belligerent with officers over their refusal to hand over property belonging to a friend of McCann who had just been arrested. Reports fail to mention the cause of the friend’s detainment. According to law, a person may be arrested for public intoxication if they appear to be a danger to themselves or others. Officers observed that McCann had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and that his breath smelled of alcohol. McCann was sent to the detoxification center in Dallas, Texas and was released the following day.

While McCann maintains his innocence in the matter, claiming that he was not intoxicated and did not pose a threat to himself or others, it is highly unlikely that an officer of the law would arrest a person without due cause. Court proceedings in Dallas, Texas will follow, yet it seems that alcohol rehab may be a better choice in this case. A person that becomes aggressive and belligerent, especially in a public place and directed towards a police officer, clearly does not realize the effect that alcohol has had on their system and behavior. People in this inebriated state are more likely to cause injury to themselves, or to engage in risky sexual behavior. There is also the increased chance that, since the person does not admit to being intoxicated, they will attempt to drive a car, definitely putting themselves and others on the road at great risk of being injured, or even killed.

Entering alcohol rehab at this point would be a wise step, both for his safety and the sake of his career. At this stage, McCann has not acknowledged the problem, and alcohol rehab could be the key to addressing it before it becomes unmanageable. Contact Vista Taos Addiction Center to learn about the programs available to assist in overcoming alcoholism.

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