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Country Music Star Willie Nelson Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Willie Nelson is currently on the road for his 2010 tour.  His tour bus made a routine stop in Texas and an officer noticed a suspicious odor coming from inside.  After a thorough search of Mr. Nelson’s tour bus was complete, six ounces of marijuana was reportedly found inside.  He was about 85 miles east of El Paso, Texas when the vehicle was stopped.  Nelson paid his bond of $2,500.00 before heading on his way.  His court date will be sometime in the near future and the 77 year old country music legend could very well face up to 180 days in jail and/or be ordered into a drug addiction recovery program as part of his sentence.

This arrest may not come as a surprise, as Willie Nelson has had his run ins with the law regarding marijuana possession quite a few times in the past in both Texas and Louisiana.  He is very open about his feelings regarding the decriminalization of marijuana.  What Mr. Nelson may be failing to see is that marijuana is simply not a harmless plant with great, medical attributes.  Marijuana can lead to serious health and social problems with the people who abuse it.  It is most definitely not a harmless plant.

Marijuana, like cigarettes put carcinogens into the system when the smoke is inhaled.  Users run the risk of heart disease and lung cancer.  There is also a common belief that marijuana is not addicting like cigarettes or even narcotics are.  This is also a fallacy.  Drug addiction recovery includes marijuana just as it would any other abused substance.  If you’re ready to start the new year without your addiction, please contact Vista Taos Drug Addiction Recovery Center to learn more about treatment options to suit your needs.

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