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Comedian and Former Heroin Addict Mike DeStefano Dies in NYC

According to American comedian Mike DeStefano’s website, he’s a “stand-up comedian.” Before that, he was “a drug counselor.” Before that, he was a “drug addict.” Before that, he “was 12.” Sadly, DeStefano passed away on March 6th 2011, leaving behind his entertaining demeanor of making addiction seem comical, but serious in his own, special way. The cause of death has not been released, but reports are suggesting that it could have been a heart attack. He was assumed sober at the time of his death, but spent many years battling a heroin addiction. He lost his wife just a few years back, also a former drug addict. She died from complications surrounding her advanced form of AIDS, a result of sharing dirty needles.

After Mike DeStefano found his sobriety, he decided there was a calling for him in the world of addiction counseling. He worked hard to help others. It was during an anti-drug convention that he found a spot for himself in the world of comedy. As it poured rain, the event-goers were forced into a tent. He decided it was time to entertain the crowd, so he hopped on the microphone and starting ranting about drugs. They loved it and soon, his addiction counseling career was pushed aside as he pursued a career in entertainment.

Even when a drug addict becomes sober, the health risks can still be a reality. It is possible that DeStefano’s long battle with heroin addiction could have weakened his heart, causing him to suffer an attack. The sooner you quit, the better your chances of snuffing any health-related illnesses in your sober years after rehab. If you’re ready to seek addiction counseling and expert treatment from a New Mexico clinic just north of Santa Fe and a short trip from major southern cities like Austin, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: contact Vista Taos Addiction Treatment Center to learn how 12-step programs and inpatient therapy can help you get your life back.

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