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Colorado Springs Narcotic Thief Arrested

A robber attempting to score the drugs Oxycontin and oxycodone (generic for Percocet) at a Colorado Springs Walgreens pharmacy was foiled by the timing mechanism on the prescription drugs’ safe. The man waited too long for the safe to open – long enough for the police to arrive and arrest him.

The drugs are in high-demand for dealers because they sell for $1 per milligram (or $10 to $80 per pill) on the streets. Robberies of pharmacies have become rather commonplace, so the mega-giant pharmacy Walgreens unveiled a new deterrent for would-be robbers: a time-released safe.

Now, when thieves attempt to hold up pharmacy staff for the much-desired drugs, they are presented with a choice: wait for the safe to unlatch many minutes after the code is entered or leave quickly without the drugs in hand. When given the choice, many would-be thieves leave the store before the police arrive.

Oxycontin addiction is on the rise, so Walgreens has installed the new safe in 149 stores nationwide. Since the introduction of the safe, robberies of Walgreens stores has dropped 85%.

Even so, Oxycontin addiction will continue to be a problem in America. The drug is often called “hillbilly heroin” because it has similar properties to the illegal drug. Oxycontin addiction is one of the more difficult chemical dependencies to break.

Thankfully, help is available for those who suffer from Oxycontin addiction; rehabilitation programs like the ones at Vista Taos in New Mexico are available to assist Oxycontin addicts. Through counseling and other therapies, those who suffer from Oxycontin addiction can break the cycle. Detoxing safely is very important. Vista Taos can educate you on how medically-supervised detoxification can be a safe and comfortable experience. Complimentary therapies, such as massage, are available to help with the negative side effects of drug withdrawal. This helps make the rehabilitation experience much more pleasant and increases the chances of success.

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