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Colorado Schools ‘Just Say No’ to Pot Shops

Saying ‘no’ to drugs has reached a new level: Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries located within 1,000 feet of schools must close their doors or face criminal charges. The pot shops have 45 days to relocate before legal action will be taken.

While medical marijuana dispensaries are still legal in Colorado, U.S. Attorney John Walsh has decided that pot shops located near schools pose a threat to Colorado schoolchildren. The Colorado U.S. Attorney is within his rights to target marijuana dispensaries; Walsh cited that the U.S. Justice Department has authorized all federal prosecutors to use their discretion when working to abolish marijuana trafficking.

Even so, as Walsh moves forward in his discretionary targeting of pot shops, a new law may go into effect that would legalize marijuana possession for Colorado residents over the age of 21. The November 2012 ballot initiative would allow residents to possess small amounts of marijuana, even without a doctor’s prescription.

Voting could be close, though. Debate about marijuana use and medical marijuana dispensaries has been ongoing for years. In fact, despite their state legality, pot dispensaries have been banned from 85 Colorado communities.

The debates usually center on the relative safety of the drug versus the gateway potential. Pot is considered to lack the addictive powers of other drugs, so many people consider marijuana a “safe” drug. On the other hand, the drug has been proven to be an introductory drug for many users, leading users to more addictive and dangerous drugs.

No matter a person’s stance on the safety or gateway potential, marijuana remains an illegal drug that can interrupt drive, ability, and functionality in users. For those reasons, many people seek marijuana rehab facilities like Vista Taos in New Mexico to assist them with marijuana rehab.

If you or a loved one are in need of marijuana rehab, call Vista Taos Drug Rehab clinic today. Those living in Colorado, particularly in the southern part of the state are a short distance from the Taos treatment facility.

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