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Colorado Marijuana Distribution Ring Busted

A Colorado marijuana farm was busted this November, and the growers were charged with cannabis trafficking, possession of cannabis, and unlawful delivery of cannabis. The operation was based on a 100 acre farm in Elbert County, Colorado. Elbert County is located about 70 miles south east of Denver, Colorado.

The four growers were arrested after ties with a Chicago distribution operation were linked to the pot farm in the Elbert area. The investigation had been going on since March, and the forces of the Illinois State Police, USDA, Colorado Springs Police Department and Elbert County Sherriff’s office helped narrow down the suspect list to an operation in Colorado Springs, based on information from a Chicago sting.

Once officials were on to the Colorado Springs operation, it was only a matter of time until another suspect with links to the Elbert County operation took the bait that officers dangled in a sting. Officers set up a controlled delivery operation from the Colorado Springs operation to the Chicago delivery site, and once the delivery took place, the suspect/delivery person was linked to Elbert County.

When law officials searched the Elbert County farm, they found 140 pounds of marijuana, 26 plants and numerous grow locations, some of which were greenhouses, rock outcroppings, buildings and trees. Four growers were arrested, including Daniel Haggerty, Matthew M. Tunzi and Anthony M. Munizzi.

This latest sting is just one of many in the fight against marijuana addiction. While the drug is often thought to not display addictive properties, many people have fallen to marijuana addiction. However, there is help in the form of marijuana addiction treatment centers, like Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico.  

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