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College Students Abusing Prescription Pills to Study

Medicines used to treat ADHD are being abused by college students to make the grade. Drugs like Adderall are being called “study buddies,” and are about as easy to locate and purchase as marijuana. It’s actually easier, because you can easily fake symptoms and have a sympathetic doctor hand you a legal, legit prescription. Many students are selling these pills for $5 apiece.

What college students aren’t realizing is that Adderall and other ADD/ADHD medications are basically speed. It’s hard on your body and you can become easily addicted. Without a controlled dosage, or even a need to really take the pills, it won’t be long before an abuser is feeling nauseated, paranoid and out of control. Addiction help may be the best answer when someone is facing an Adderall substance abuse problem. What seems like a good idea to help you cram for a test can actually turn into a habit that can actually make you fail tests, suffer psychotic episodes and even kill you. One student in a recent article said that Adderall cost her everything. She lost her scholarship and was removed from her university because of poor grades. Poor grades while on Adderall; it’s the reality of what will happen if you don’t get addiction help.

Education is important, don’t waste your chance to get the college education you need to be successful and independent in the world. If you need addiction help for Adderall or speed addiction, please contact Vista Taos Addiction Treatment Center in Taos, New Mexico. Take control of your substance abuse problem before it causes any more damage.

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