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Cocaine addiction and crack addiction are characterized by persistent use regardless of negative consequences, often coupled with uncontrollable cravings resulting in seeking out the drug. Cocaine addiction causes changes in brain function which compromise the ability to make a choice whether or not to take the drug. Therefore, even if you are able to stop using cocaine, there is a strong likelihood of a relapse, even many months later. Cocaine addiction treatment is critical to achieving recovery.

There are warning signs indicating cocaine abuse, including:

  • Inability to fulfill obligations at work or at home
  • Feeling that using cocaine, or other substances, is the only way to “fit in”
  • Preoccupation with getting or using cocaine
  • Needing more cocaine to get high
  • Getting high more easily off less cocaine
  • Suffering from withdrawal symptoms
  • Using cocaine to stop withdrawal symptoms
  • Giving up important activities, or losing relationships, because of cocaine use
  • Sabotaging relationships or having trouble with family or friends
  • Having money problems because of cocaine use

Seeking Help

Because of the change in brain function and the strong likelihood of relapse, cocaine addiction requires long-term treatment in order to increase the likelihood of recovery. Our treatment programs are set up to provide primary treatment of the addictive behaviors, followed by an extended care program to provide support and structure.

We focus on the various aspects of cocaine addiction recovery with our proven methods of group support, 12-step programs, and educational techniques. Our treatment program is individually designed so you receive the best recovery tools available.

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