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Choosing Healing

Choosing Healing

Our recovery process starts with a choice. We have to choose to want to heal. Up until that point, we might be struggling and feel desperate, but we haven’t yet made that critical choice.

We might have yet to be pushed far enough past our comfort zones. Even though we are in pain, it can be easier to stay in our usual patterns than to begin the hard work of recovery. Understandably many of us are scared. Beginning recovery can require a tremendous leap of faith. We don’t know what life will be like on the other side of our addictions. For many of us it feels like we haven’t felt free or at peace for most of our lives. The thought of being sober, clean or abstinent is so far removed from our current reality that we can’t even imagine it. Many of us don’t have the support of family or friends, and we’re trying to make this important decision alone.

When you’re ready, you’ll know. You’ll feel it. You might hit your “rock bottom,” that point at which life has not only become unmanageable, it’s gotten so unbearable you know you can no longer live like that. You might receive signs that you feel moved to follow, that are pointing you in the direction of seeking help. You may finally realize your own self-worth and feel that you deserve the gift of your self-love and compassion.

Getting treatment can be scary in and of itself. For many of us, we’re beginning the process for the first time. We might have no idea what to expect. We may be afraid to trust people. We may have felt our trust was betrayed in the past by the professionals charged with our care. For those of us who have been in treatment before and have relapsed, we feel ever-increasing feelings of shame, regret and remorse for failing at our goals, for letting down the people we care about, for continuing to self-destruct.

Wherever we are in our journey, we can choose to offer ourselves patience and compassion. We can remember just how hard it is to live with addictions. We can remind ourselves that we are in fact strong, for not giving up, for taking the steps to recover, for getting ourselves this far. We can choose to work on believing in ourselves and having faith in our journey.

The community at Vista Taos is here to offer its help and support, whenever you’re ready. Call (575) 586-5078.

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