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Choose Vista Taos Renewal Center and Reclaim Your Life

With over 22 million Americans effected (about 9% of the population), substance abuse continues to carry a great social stigma. It is still a struggle for many to acknowledge that addiction is a brain disease and so millions of people who undoubtedly need help neglect to seek out treatment.  In fact, only 2.6 million people received treatment out of those 22 million affected. If you or a loved one is in search of a compassionate and effective rehab center near Santa Fe, contact Vista Taos Renewal Center.

We’re here to tell you that you are not alone. Nearly one in ten Americans suffers from substance abuse problems in some form or another.  Even prominent celebrities and politicians have shared the problems with addiction. Countless numbers of people who seem to enjoy every advantage they could possibly want find themselves in need of treatment. People just like you and me.

Reality television star, The Situation, recently acknowledged he needed rehab to deal with an addiction to prescription drugs. Even especially driven individuals who work tirelessly to achieve their goals can find themselves suffering from substance abuse problems, as in the case of the “Honey Badger,” former-LSU star cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, who has shelved football for the current season so that he can complete treatment at  drug rehabilitation center in Houston before getting his life back on track for the NFL draft.

Rehabilitation carries negative connotations when we talk about in terms of drug and alcohol abuse but in the athletic world it carries an entirely different type of meaning. If an athlete tears a ligament in his knee we don’t criticize him for getting surgery and spending time getting physical therapy, or rehabilitation, to get his body back to normal, do we? No! We applaud their strength for enduring grueling workouts and pushing themselves back to peak performance.

So why do we acknowledge expert physical care and treatment as necessary but so completely neglect our mind and spirit? The mind is a terrifically complex thing and regardless of your substance abuse issues, be they alcohol or drugs, requires every bit as much, if not more care than your body. Just like tearing a hamstring or breaking a bone, our process is about helping you get back to full strength as a person.

You may be afraid to seek help because you are afraid of being stigmatized as an “addict” or thought of as weak for needing treatment but rest assured that there is no single type of person who benefits from rehabilitation. Athletes, musicians, actors and people like you can all suffer from the same addiction and all can benefit from the services of an alcohol and drug rehab center.

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