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Charlie Sheen Slams 12-Step Programs

Every entertainment news outlet is talking about the recent behaviors of actor, Charlie Sheen. Recently, his actions have cost him another failed marriage, the removal of his twin sons from his home and another run at rehab. This time, Charlie Sheen has said he wants to do drug and alcohol rehabilitation in his home, but recent reports are showing that it simply is not working for the actor.

He is now getting spots on television talk shows and radio interviews where he is slamming his CBS bosses, saying his hit TV show “Two and a Half Men” can’t survive without him. While the statement may be true, the producers of the show continue to say that if Charlie can’t clean up his act and speak professionally about the show and people involved, the show will be canceled. During a radio interview, Sheen ranted that if the show were to be canceled he would “go on to make movies with superstars.” He is in denial that his actions and addiction could actually cost him work.

Like the majority of those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, Sheen is in denial that his actions are wrong. It’s too easy to blame ex-wives, family and the work environment for addiction. When someone who has already had numerous stays at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities falls off the horse, they blame everyone but themselves. Sheen said that the Alcohol Anonymous program, the program that helps people and families deal with alcoholism, is nothing but a cult that brainwashes you.
Often, addicts need a solid 12-step program to help them get sober. Not to brainwash, but to reprogram the way their mind and body feels about alcohol, or any substance abuse issue. That’s what Vista Taos Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in New Mexico wishes to express to those who read this in search of help. The facility has only the best intentions for the patient and the family. 12 step programs for alcoholism prove successful when combined with expert counseling and complimentary therapies. Call Vista Taos Renewal Center to learn more about alcohol rehabilitation.

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