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Celebrity Michael Douglas’ Battle with Addiction

We all know that addictions come with risks.  Not just dangers of overdose or getting in trouble with the law, but serious health risks.  Michael Douglas, the famous actor has now been diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer.  Though with treatment he may have a fighting chance, his addiction to alcohol and tobacco for years may cost him his life.  How often do we think our addictions can end in death?  It is a reality that can be hard to face.

Combining both alcohol and tobacco in large amounts is a recipe for disaster.  Michael Douglas spent some time in an alcohol rehab facility in the 1990s.  The rumor spread that it was for sex addiction, but he clarified it was just a media scandal to make his time at rehab seem more fascinating in the tabloids.  He relapsed after treatment and continued to combine both heavy smoking and drinking.  According to medical correspondents, there appears to be a direct correlation between heavy drinking and smoking with throat cancer as is the case for Mr. Douglas.  Alcohol rehab in the 1990s is not like it is today.  Vista Taos Renewal Center in Taos, New Mexico is helping people pave the way to sobriety and stay there.  Alcohol rehab is a delicate issue and patients should know that alcoholism needs to be fought until the end.   This means 30 or 90 day treatment programs like those at Vista Taos should be followed with aftercare support from experts who understand that it takes time to transition from alcohol rehab back into the real world.  These extra steps during the recovery process are what equip a person to remain sober for the long run. 

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