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concerta alternatives

Natural Alternatives to Concerta

ADHD is a condition that interferes with people’s concentration, focus, planning abilities and executive function. If you have ADHD, your brain’s dopamine system is dysregulated, meaning it releases too little dopamine or doesn’t use this neurotransmitter efficiently enough. Prescription stimulants like Concerta can help you manage your ADHD because...

cocaine withdrawal

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine is a dangerous drug made infamous by its role in various celebrity overdose deaths, but you don’t have to be famous to develop a dependence on cocaine and experience devastating physical, mental, financial and social problems. A worsening substance abuse disorder can erode your well-being and quality of...

Learning Healthy Boundaries from Our Relationships

Learning Healthy Boundaries from Our Relationships

Many of us living with addictions, depression, anxiety and other mental and emotional health challenges can say we’ve been in unhealthy relationships that were codependent and/or abusive. As we’re recovering, we can learn from our past relationships in order to create healthier boundaries for ourselves, have healthier relationships moving...

How Do I Know if I’m Codependent?

How Do I Know if I’m Codependent?

Many of us with addictions and mental and emotional health issues often find ourselves in codependent relationships. They are sometimes also referred to as addictive relationships, but codependence is not limited to romantic relationships. We can be codependent with family and friends as well, and more generally we can...

Opiates and Benzos: Stop Playing Russian Roulette

There are multiple reasons why someone addicted to opiates also takes benzodiazepines. No matter why you’re doing it—or if you know someone who is—you may need residential treatment for opiates if you’re struggling with opiate dependency and also taking Valium, Librium, Restoril, Ativan, Xanax, or some other BZD medication. ...

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