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what is a relapse

What Is a Relapse?

Addiction is a complicated disease, and even when you think recovery is going smoothly, challenges can still emerge. According to statistics from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, up to 60% of people who struggle with substance use disorders will experience a relapse – or a return to drinking...

what causes PTSD

PTSD Causes

Post-traumatic stress disorder can develop after a one-time stressful or frightening event or a prolonged traumatic experience. In any given year, about 12 million U.S. adults have this mental health condition, which can affect anyone, regardless of their age, beliefs or background. In observance of PTSD Awareness Month, let’s...

natural depression remedies

Natural Depression Remedies

Depression comes with many challenges, including feelings of helplessness and apathy. Working with a therapist is one way to overcome depression and start feeling like yourself again. A doctor may also prescribe you specific medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to affect the activity of neurotransmitters in your brain....