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chronic coronavirus stress

Managing the Health Effects of Chronic Coronavirus Stress

The coronavirus pandemic has created higher-than-average stress levels in our daily lives, as our routines have significantly shifted to accommodate the need for self-quarantine and social distancing. Every day, you’re doing your part to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the spread of illness, but the long-term anxiety and worry associated...

positive mindset

How to Shift to a Positive Mindset During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Have you been feeling more anxious, stressed out or irritable lately? Whether your favorite pastimes have been postponed indefinitely, or you are now trying to juggle new responsibilities such as homeschooling your children, we’re all adjusting to the “new normal” forced upon us by coronavirus. During challenging times, your outlook...

COVID-19 update: The health and safety of our clients at Vista Taos is our top priority. Each person admitted to our program will be given a PCR Covid screen upon entry and subsequently will follow our isolation protocol as we await the results.