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Can Yoga Help in Rehab?

Yoga may have far surpassed the association with granola lovers only, but the exercise has not been widely associated with addiction treatment. Until now.

Many drug treatment centers have begun to combine yoga and other holistic treatments with the traditional addiction treatments like talk therapy, individual counseling, drug treatments and life skills coaching. The exercise has been shown to assist addicts in overcoming their addictions by offering patients a calming outlet for life’s frustrations. 

Yoga is an exercise that works with deep breathing, slow movements, and calming environments to help people stretch both their bodies and their minds. The cleansing experience can encourage proper blood flow, rebalancing of health within the body, strength, and flexibility; but beyond the physical changes, yoga can also help participants cleanse their minds, relax, and deal with life issues through a healthy outlet.

Many of the nation’s top addiction treatment centers, like Vista Taos, have begun to offer yoga and other holistic approaches to drug and alcohol addictions. These treatment centers may offer yoga, meditation, spa treatments and equine therapy as additional beneficial approaches to treatment, all while retaining traditional addiction treatment.

Studies have not been completed yet to determine how beneficial these holistic approaches are in addiction treatment, but treatment centers have reported many successes. Much of the holistic approach success is attributed to helping patients become healthier and helping them find alternative, healthy relaxation habits, both of which can become a driving force for former addicts in avoiding relapse.   

For more information about holistic treatment options at traditional treatment centers, contact Vista Taos Addiction Treatment Center today.

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