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Bruno Mars Faces Cocaine Charges

Musician Bruno Mars is accepting a plea deal in his Las Vegas arrest that led him to be charged with felony cocaine possession.  He will have to pay a hefty fine, complete 200 hours of community service and complete a drug counseling program as well as keep himself out of trouble for one year for the charge to be erased from his permanent record.  Many aren’t as lucky in regards to cocaine addiction.

Cocaine addiction can be devastating because of the lasting effects it has.  Not only is it one of the more costly substances to abuse, but it can cause heart problems and cause your nasal passages and septum to deteriorate.  Many addicts have heard the term “deviated septum” after long-term use of cocaine or other drugs that are snorted.  Cocaine can quickly make your life spin out of control. 

A few states away from Las Vegas, Nevada, is a small village called Taos in New Mexico.  Taos is home to drug rehabilitation clinic: Vista Taos.  Catering to addicts who seek their help from New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and more, they help individuals get on the path to reversing the destruction that cocaine addiction has brought into their life.  With an individualized family program, Vista Taos can help not only you, but your family to heal and move forward to where drug addiction is no longer part of a lifestyle.  It is never too late to start over.  Contact a caring staff member from Vista Taos at 1.800.245.8267.  Whatever damage has been done in your life due to cocaine addiction, it can be undone.

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