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How to Shift to a Positive Mindset During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Have you been feeling more anxious, stressed out or irritable lately? Whether your favorite pastimes have been postponed indefinitely, or you are now trying to juggle new responsibilities such as homeschooling your children, we’re all adjusting to the “new normal” forced upon us by coronavirus. During challenging times, your outlook...

COVID-19 update: The health and safety of our clients at Vista Taos Renewal Center continues to be our highest priority. Due to the national rise in cases of COVID-19, all potential clients entering the Vista Taos program shall be tested for the virus and must receive their results prior to admission. Vista Taos continues to work closely with the New Mexico Department of Health, adhering to the highest standards of care for our clients, and will provide subsequent testing after admission as needed. For assistance in finding the most efficient testing sites, please contact our Director of Community Relations, Jeremy Lihte, at (575) 425-1913