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Big Brother Winner Sentenced for Drug Trafficking

Adam Jasinski took home $500,000.00 in prize money in 2008 when he was elected the winner of the popular reality show: Big Brother. Sitting in a court room, awaiting his sentence for drug trafficking over 2,000 Oxycodone pills, he admitted to squandering the money in very little time. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Not only was he selling, but he was also using. He had sought treatment for his drug addiction and sought counseling because of a pre-existing mental illness. The judge took that into consideration and said that is why he only received the 4-year sentence. This is the second time Adam Jasinski has been arrested for drug charges. Oxycodone addiction is a serious matter. This prescription drug is often used to treat people who are in severe pain, many of the patients receiving the treatment are considered terminal. This drug has dangerous side effects when used for a recreational high.

Oxycodone is a small pill with a lot of power. It is a time released formula, so one pill can last someone in severe pain up to a full day. When someone has Oxycodone addiction, they may opt to crush the pill. This breaks apart the time-released mechanism that delivers the drug safely to the blood stream little by little. When crushed, it’s often snorted or even injected and overdose becomes a reality very quickly. Vista Taos is a drug rehabilitation facility in Taos, New Mexico. Located just 85 miles north of Santa Fe, they cater to the needs of people who suffer from Oxycodone addiction. Please contact a counselor to learn more about  holistic treatment options that are available.

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