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Bass Player Mike Starr Passes Away in Utah

Former bass player of Alice in Chains, 44 year old Mike Starr passed away in his Salt Lake City home on March 8th, 2011. Lately, Starr had been known for his substance abuse problems more than his music. He was on both Sober House and Celebrity Rehab within the past few years, publicly battling addiction. The toxicology report can take as long as two months before the cause of death is indentified, but a friend of Starr said he was mixing Methadone and Xanax the day he died. His drug rehab attempts had failed him.

In February, he was arrested for having pain medication on his person without a prescription. Charges were still pending. That wasn’t his first run in with the law, because of his behavior, he was fired by his band in 1992. In Houston, Texas, Starr spent time in jail for stealing luggage from the Houston Airport. He had experienced friends and fellow musicians around him dying from overdose through the years, yet he never appeared to take drug rehab seriously. Of course, rehabilitation is best in a private location, not posted on cable television for the world to see. Many celebrities who go on these reality shows that promise drug rehab success (and cash for appearing) do often continue with substance abuse problems.

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