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Austin Texas Remains Large Hub in Drug Distribution Nationwide

Earlier this year, law enforcement officials disclosed the amount of drugs seized in an Austin, Texas raid. The drugs seized were only a small part of the total amount transported in a huge drug-trafficking operation.

The Texas Syndicate gang has run a mega-sized drug trafficking operation, often transporting up to 20 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and a half ton of marijuana each month. The gang focused on transporting the drugs from Mexico to Austin, Texas via Interstate 35. From there, the drugs were distributed to many other locations in America.

This Austin, Texas news has led to a greater awareness of the problems faced in methamphetamine addiction. Also known by its shorter name Crystal Meth, the drug creates a chemical imbalance in the user. Used properly as part of a medical treatment for ADHD or obesity, this can provide energy, alertness and concentration for those who have a legitimate need for this medicine

However, when the drug is abused, it can lead to methamphetamine addiction, severe psychosis, hallucinations, cardiovascular damage and “meth mouth,” a severe deterioration of the user’s teeth. In addition, the methamphetamine addiction can be very difficult to break; the withdrawal period can last several months to a year, making it harder for the user to resist the drug.

At Vista Taos Renewal Center, the approach for methamphetamine addiction recovery centers around more than just drug treatments. The holistic approach focuses on both the addiction and the underlying reasons that instigated the addiction; healing the whole person, not just the methamphetamine addiction. Vista Taos’ clinic is located in New Mexico; it can cater to persons in the Austin Texas area looking for help with drug or alcohol addiction.

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