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Arizona’s Marijuana Prescriptions Getting a Second Look

Arizona is a state that is now allowing people with certain medical conditions to visit a doctor and obtain a medical marijuana card. This makes it legal for them to purchase the drug via licensed dealers and have the drug on their person. The problem that is being investigated is that just a handful of doctors have written thousands of prescriptions in a short time. One doctor, in particular, has written 1300 medical marijuana prescriptions. That number seems high; considering the physicians are supposed to be checking a state database before prescribing to see if an individual “in need” of a medical marijuana prescription has been treated for marijuana addiction or any other substance addiction in the past. When checked by state officials, these doctors haven’t been logging into the records very much. In fact, the doctor who prescribed over a thousand medical cards for pot had only logged on about 5 times.

Marijuana addiction seems to be a laughable matter by most, however, it is a very real situation that many people in America deal with. Marijuana has a lot of myths that surround it. People feel they cannot become addicted to it and that it cannot cause long-term health problems. Marijuana contains hundreds of carcinogens, just like tobacco smoke. Just because people tend to smoke marijuana less in a day than a person who smokes cigarettes does not make them less at risk, it just takes more time for the damage to be done. You can get lung cancer, COPD and emphysema from a marijuana addiction just like those who smoke tobacco. And yes…marijuana is addictive. If it didn’t possess addictive qualities, why would so many people seek out the drug?

Marijuana addiction is no joke. The caring and compassionate staff at Vista Taos Drug Rehab Clinic in New Mexico understands the hold marijuana can have on a person. They are ready to help you detox from the drug and start living a life without the bonds of addiction. Call today to learn more.

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