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Another New Mexico Member of Law Enforcement Faces DWI Charges

A New Mexico Deputy U.S. Marshall was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving early March, 2012. This marks the latest of a string of public officials arrested for driving while under the influence in the last few months. 

Deputy U.S. Marshall Mark David West, 44, was pulled over on Sunday, March 4, around 6:00 p.m. His license plate tag was expired. According to reports, West was driving in the 4500 block of Juan Tabo NE in Albuquerque when an Albuquerque Police Department officer pulled him over.

The officer reported that West had an open container of alcohol in his truck. He also appeared intoxicated. The APD police officer placed West under arrest and attempted to issue a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer. West refused both.

The Marshall was taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center for booking, but he was released the next day. West now faces the DWI charges and a personal leave from his position. He will be assigned administrative duties while the investigation into the charges is under way. Should he be found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, West will face potential fines, jail time and alcohol rehab.

Unfortunately, based on the high numbers of public officials who have been arrested in the Southwest for drunk driving charges, DWIs for police officers could be a growing trend. As police departments move forward, alcohol rehab may become more of a necessity than ever before.

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