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Amy Winehouse’s Final Cause of Death

Singer Amy Winehouse died at home on July 23, 2011, and for a while, the cause of her death was not clear. Drugs and alcohol were suspected causes at first, and then reports that the singer had attempted to detoxify from alcohol abuse on her own surfaced.

Finally, we know the reason for her death. Winehouse suffered from alcohol poisoning. Her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit for driving, but there were no illegal drugs in her system. Additionally, the autopsy found that there were not large amounts of prescription drugs in her system that would cause or contribute to her death.

In the days leading up to her death, the singer had resumed drinking again. Winehouse’s doctor, Dr. Christina Romete, was following her progress and head even prescribed her the drug Libirium, which helps lessen the effects of withdrawal during alcohol addiction recovery. According to the coroner, Libirium played no role in her death.

Even though Winehouse was cleared of the suspected self-detoxifying, it is important to note that self-detox is not advised for those suffering from alcohol addiction. Often, it takes a team of doctors and specialists to address the needs that arise from alcohol addiction recovery.

At Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico, teams are available to assist alcoholics in their recovery efforts. Here, the focus of recovery is individualized, and root causes of addictive behavior are identified and treated. Recovery can safely be achieved with assistance; without the help of a recovery center, the struggle to recover from alcohol addiction may be more difficult.

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