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Halloween jack-o'-lanterns

All Treats, No Tricks: How to Enjoy Your Sober Halloween

After completing addiction treatment, many people struggle with their first holidays in sobriety. Halloween can be a particular challenge for a recently sober person, because many adults associate Halloween parties with alcohol and drugs. In these cases, the threat to your newfound sobriety can be the most terrifying part of this spooky holiday.

You can protect yourself by learning a few straightforward strategies to defend against holiday-specific triggers. Here are some ideas you can implement to plan a sober Halloween this year.

1. Enjoy a Night of Reflection

Today, Halloween is mostly about parties, candy and mischief, but its roots are far different from any of those. Halloween’s ancestor is the pagan tradition of Samhain, which was when people would honor the souls of the dead with feasts, prayer and candle lighting. They believed Samhain was a time of year when the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead would thin, making it an ideal opportunity to memorialize lost loved ones.

We all struggle with grief, especially after the emotional upheaval associated with embarking on our recovery journey. Even if you choose not to observe components of traditional Samhain celebrations, such as lighting bonfires, you may wish to set aside some time to embrace this more solemn aspect of Halloween. Loss is part of life, and though you don’t need to set aside a specific occasion to honor someone special, the habit of remembrance and reflection may add a new layer of meaning to your sober Halloween.

2. Create a New Tradition

One of the best things about embracing sobriety is that you get to make a fresh start. You can move forward by shedding the behaviors and emotions that held you back in the past, and reinvent yourself. You can still get out and do something fun, but do so in a new way, surrounded by people who understand and support your recovery goals.

Instead of attending a boozy party, round up your sober friends and go adult trick-or-treating. Or, turn your house into an incredible fall carnival, complete with bobbing for apples or a competitive chili cook-off.

3. Plan a Halloween Karaoke Get-Together

Life is better when you’re sober, and what better way to show it than with karaoke? Make a Halloween playlist and have a ghostly good time. Gather your family or friends and hand out prizes for the best interpretation of holiday classics like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

4. Bake Halloween Cookies

Everyone loves fresh-from-the-oven cookies, but you can take it to another level with a Halloween bake-off. Round up cookie cutters, sprinkles and icing in a rainbow of colors, and challenge your friends to decorate cookies in fun shapes like ghosts, bats and jack-o’-lanterns. Encourage them to bring their kids along for a spirited family-friendly evening.

The Foundation for Your Sobriety Is Here

Part of discovering a sober lifestyle means a willingness to embrace new traditions and reinvent yourself. If you approach this with an open mind and a desire to make a fresh start, you can succeed, even in the face of setbacks. At Vista Taos Renewal Center, our team is here to help make recovery a reality for you. Contact us today to learn more about starting your healing process at our family-owned facility in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

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