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Alcoholism is a Global Concern

Is there any amount of alcohol that is safe for someone to consume? That is a topic that is up for debate. For many people, a glass of wine with dinner or a beer during the big game is enjoyed responsibly. For others, one leads to two that leads to more….which leads to more. The World Health Organization commented that there really is no amount of alcohol that is entirely safe for someone to drink. They may not become intoxicated, but new studies show that even light drinking can do irreversible damage to our bodies. Someone who has a glass of wine in the evening to unwind after a long day at work is actually increasing their chances of having a stroke. Those who say they drink “for the antioxidants” can now get those safely in a pill form and have no need to consume alcohol. The evidence of damage is starting to pile up.  Will people start to back down? Will those who indulge too much seek the help of an alcohol treatment expert?

Alcohol kills 2.5 million people each year; this is an alarming and preventable number. Six percent of male deaths in the world are from alcohol. Many of the deaths are from injuries sustained while drunk. Then, of course there are cancers, heart disease, cirrhosis and strokes caused from excess drinking. We spend a lot of time talking about the dangers of tobacco being the killer legal drug, but we must spend more of our efforts educating people about alcohol. Residential treatment programs are available to help addicts overcome alcoholism; no one has to go through it alone. Alcohol detoxification can be uncomfortable and should be in the care of professionals.

Vista Taos Renewal Center offers alcohol treatment programs in their inpatient clinic in Taos, New Mexico. Based on the standard 12-step programs people are familiar with, they have added more to the recovery process; the entire person becomes well. The mind, body and spirit are treated for substance abuse. When the treatment is over, they walk out the doors a new person. It is the way a residential treatment program should be.

What else can be done to promote alcoholism awareness? The World Health Organization suggests to ban more alcohol advertising, like what has been done with tobacco products and promote more alcohol treatment and prevention programs. Many people who have issues with alcohol and want to find help or want to locate a residential treatment program often do not know where to start. They worry they will not be able to afford it or what others may think of them once they enroll into alcohol treatment. Being a positive support system for someone entering treatment is a generous gift. It boosts their chances of success after they leave treatment.

One residential treatment program is not going to be the same as another. It is up to you to do your research. Know what you are getting into before you sign up or pay for anything. An alcohol treatment center that truly cares about helping you will work with you on several levels. They will also work with you to develop a treatment program that suits you. What works for one does not work for all. If you feel like a human being that is cared for at your chosen alcohol treatment center, then you have found the residential treatment program that will work for you. If you need help making the right choice, contact a counselor at Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico and find the inpatient program that will have you on the road to recovery.

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