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Alcohol Treatment Centers – New Mexico

If you’re trying to narrow down an overwhelming list of alcohol treatment centers, New Mexico is a good place to start. Visitors come from around the world to visit the state that bears the nickname “Land of Enchantment,” and their reasons for visiting should be equally compelling to those seeking a sanctuary from a life damaged by alcohol use. Consider beginning your journey to recovery surrounded by the healing power of nature—expansive mountain vistas, fresh clean air, and miles of unspoiled land.

If that isn’t enough reason to consider visiting one of the Land of Enchantment’s alcohol treatment centers, New Mexico can offer you more. When it comes to providing its residents and visitors with top-notch alcohol treatment centers, New Mexico takes its responsibility seriously. The state has become increasingly aware of the impact substance abuse—particularly alcohol abuse—has on the health and well-being of New Mexicans, and has responded with a call for increased prevention and treatment programs.

The Cost of Alcohol Addiction
New Mexico knows well the high cost of alcohol addiction and is committed to reducing it. Information from the year 2000 showed that New Mexico had one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the United States, as well as an alcohol-related death rate more than twice the rate of the nation as a whole. Instead of ignoring this problem, the state has risen to the challenge of fighting alcohol abuse through a number of initiatives. For example, deaths from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents have decreased nearly 80% from 1982 to 2006—from the highest rate of all U.S. states to #14 in 2006.

Unfortunately, alcohol-related deaths resulting from causes others than driving while intoxicated have increased in New Mexico even as national rates have dropped. Despite the availability of alcohol treatment centers, New Mexico residents aren’t all receiving the help they need. In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) conducted in 2006-2007 found that 8% of New Mexico’s respondents over the age of 18 were not receiving treatment for alcoholism despite showing a need for it—an estimated 113,000 people.

Why do so many people fail to get help for an alcohol problem? There are any number of reasons, and it’s likely you’ve considered many of them yourself. But if you’re here, learning about alcohol treatment centers in New Mexico, you have realized that the costs of alcohol addiction are too steep to be ignored. This is true for you as an individual and for the state of New Mexico as a whole. Alcohol abuse is estimated to have cost New Mexico $2.5 billion in 2006, an average of $1,250 per person. These economic costs resulted primarily from lost productivity, followed by healthcare costs related to alcohol use. This is a tremendous economic burden that rests as much, if not more, on people who do not abuse alcohol themselves.

Consider how the economic costs of alcohol abuse that New Mexico faces parallel your own individual costs. How much does alcoholism cost you every year? You may find that the financial costs of alcoholism come to you in the form of legal fees, money spent on alcohol, medical bills resulting from alcohol-related health problems, or difficulty getting or maintaining a job. Equally as steep are the emotional costs of alcoholism—damaged relationships, a ruined reputation, feelings of hopelessness and lack of control. These burdens are carried by you and your loved ones—everyone affected by your alcohol use. The cost of rehab at an alcohol treatment center is a small price to pay when compared to the cost of continued alcoholism.

Alcohol Treatment Centers
New Mexico is home to 145 substance abuse treatment facilities, according to a national survey conducted in 2008. Of these facilities, more than 100 provide services as alcohol treatment centers. New Mexico facilities offer a number of different types of care for clients of all ages. The most common type of care provided by New Mexico substance abuse treatment facilities is regular outpatient care, offered by more than 80% of the facilities.

Outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction is a viable option for some people and an important service. However, many alcoholics can benefit from a more intensive residential treatment program that offers the opportunity to heal in a safe and supportive environment. Only about 20% of the facilities in New Mexico offer a residential treatment program, and only 9% offer a short term residential treatment like Vista Taos Renewal Center. Vista Taos offers a 30 day residential treatment program for alcohol addiction as well as the 90 day Casa Feliz Extended Care Program.

Vista Taos knows that New Mexico has a great deal to offer you as you begin your journey to recovery from alcohol addiction. Consider the healing benefits of the state’s peaceful environment and appreciation for the difficulty of alcohol addiction as you choose among alcohol treatment centers. New Mexico and Vista Taos have a lot to offer you.

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